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Campus Outreach (CO) had its beginning in 1979 in Birmingham, AL at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. The ministry began with one full time staff person who was a recent graduate from Samford University. At that time it was the desire of the leadership at Briarwood to have an influence on the college age students in their church, in their denomination, and at the campuses in their region. These student groups are those for which the church felt responsible to establish and maintain a Christian influence.

The ministry enjoyed a great beginning and within a couple of years began to expand to new campuses in different cities in the Alabama region. Strong connections in each community and good relationships with local churches and campus administrations provided fertile ground for continued growth. By 1988, CO had expanded to 9 campuses with full time staff around the state of Alabama and into Georgia.

In 1989 the ministry continued to expand into the Georgia region through the leadership of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA. During that same year some opportunities to expand into Cross Cultural environments became a reality. Campus Outreach staff moved to Bangkok, Thailand and began ministering to Thai college and university students. By God’s blessing the ministry continued to grow in measurable and immeasurable arenas. In 1992 the ministry expanded into Southern Florida focusing primarily on Latin American students in the same fashion as when the ministry began. From that time through 2006, CO expanded in connection with other churches into South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Central Asia, Brazil, South Africa, Minnesota and Virginia.

Today, CO ministries are ongoing in 15 states in the US and in 5 countries abroad. Each of these ministries is based out of the Regional churches listed below. These churches provide each regional CO ministry with supervision and a substantial percentage of the resources necessary for their effective existence.

The Summit Church, Durham, NC
First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, GA
Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL; Chang Mai, Thailand
Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, NC
Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN
Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN
Perimeter Church, Duluth, GA
Christ Community Church, Daytona Beach, FL; Brisbane, AU
Christ Community Church, Carmel, IN
Covenant Church, Bangkok, Thailand
Rivermont Presbyterian Church, Lynchburg, VA
Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.
Grace Presbyterian Church, IL
East Cooper Baptist Church, Charleston, SC
Northwest Presbyterian Church, Columbus, OH
The Village Church, Dallas, TX
Comunidade Horizonte, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Grace Bible Church, Dunedin, New Zealand
Christ Evangelical Presbyterian, Houston, TX
Central Baptist Church, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tates Creek Presbyterian Church, Lexington, KY
New City Church, Orlando, FL
Harbor Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA
The Journey Church, St. Louis, MI