Dwight Ashe

Born: Snellville, Ga
Birthday: June 20
Degree: B.S. Exercise Science from Augusta University
Collegiate Societies: NCAA Baseball
Interests: I love doing anything outside: playing golf, camping, hiking, and hunting. I also enjoying a good cup of coffee and good book. I love to workout and to run.
Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series
Testimony: I did not grow up going to church. Most of my life has been spent playing some kind of sport; especially baseball. Since my dream was to play college baseball, every weekend and spare moment was spent playing baseball. I didn’t really consider myself to be spiritual but mainly moral. I was the good kid who stayed out of trouble sought the approval of everyone around me. It wasn’t until I got to college, playing baseball at Augusta University, that I really realized what it meant to be a Christian. A buddy of mine showed me that it didn’t matter how good I thought I was but rather the righteousness of Christ was the only thing that matters. I became a Christian after my first semester of college.

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Cami Gresham

Born: Atlanta, GA
Birthday: April 14
Degree: B.S. Psychology from Georgia College & State University
Collegiate Societies: Sigma Alpha Omega, GCSU Dance Team
Interests: people, singing, guitar, ukulele, baseball
Favorite Book: Redeeming Love
Testimony: I didn’t accept the Lord into my heart until I was a freshman in college. Growing up I had been super involved in everything my church did, but all it ever amounted to for me was a series of spiritual highs. Coming into college I felt like I had everything I could have wanted: I had a perfect GPA, I had made the dance team, I had the support and approval of my parents and teachers, and I was even living with my best friend.  Even with everything in my life going well, I still felt empty inside and couldn’t figure out why. A friend of mine invited me to a Campus Outreach meeting, and it was there that I felt like I had heard the radical message of the Gospel for the first time. Longing to be like the women I had met, I became involved in everything I could with CO.  The Lord used my involvement in CO to reveal to me that all my good deeds and religious activities could never earn my way into Heaven. He showed me that I was a sinner who rightfully deserved to spend an eternity separated from Him because of my sin, and that Christ was the only way to have a relationship with the Lord. I surrendered to Christ as both my Savior and Lord and experienced life and joy for the first time. As I learned then and continue to learn daily: oh how sweet it is to trust in Jesus.

Danny, Meredith, Harper, & Paton Myers

Born: Atlanta, GA
Birthday: March 12
Degree: B.S. Middle Grades Education from Georgia Southern University
Collegiate Societies: Pi Kappa Phi, Executive Counsel-Chaplain
Interests: sports, coffee, the Braves
Favorite Book: Salvation Belongs to the Lord
Testimony: I grew up in a Christian home but, there wasn’t a change in my heart until college. I could say and do the “right” things, but there was no difference in my heart. When I got into high school I began following the wrong crowd and getting involved with the wrong things. On the outside everything looked good because I was succeeding in every area of life that brings success, but on the inside I was lonely and empty. When I went to Georgia Southern I met a guy playing flag football who shared the Gospel with me. I studied the Bible with him for about 5 months. At the annual CO Christmas Conference I heard a seminar dealing with the life of a Christian. The main point was that you could be assured of your salvation by the things that are in your heart. I saw very clearly how I had been living for myself and not the LORD for the first time. I became a Christian in December of 2004 and since then have been asking the LORD to show me daily what it looks like to live for Christ and make Him known!

Born: NewArk, DE
Birthday: October 27
B.A. English Literature & Philosophy from Georgia Southern University
Collegiate Societies: NCAA Cross Country/Track, Omicron Delta Kappa
Interests: running, books, coffee, brunch
Favorite Books: One Thousand Gifts, Cry the Beloved Country
Testimony: I became a Christian at a young age after watching the way my dad met with the Lord & hearing about who Jesus is at church. I knew that I was sinful & did wrong things & I learned at home that there was a God who loved me & created me. My dad shared the Gospel with me often & taught me that Jesus was God in flesh & God’s son & that he was offered as a sacrifice for my sins. I started asking my dad a lot of questions about what it means to have a relationship with God & I remember watching him read the Bible & trying to read it for myself. My understanding of the Gospel at this time was very simple, but God made it clear to me that it was truth & I surrendered my life to Him as a child. I have learned over the years that I need the Gospel everyday, not just on the first day I believed it. I thank God for the ”depth of the riches of the wisdom & knowledge of God” & even more that ”we have the mind of Christ” through Jesus’ life, death & resurrection (Rom. 11:33, 1 Cor. 2:16).

New Staff! : Katie Vause
Born: Myrtle Beach, SC
Birthday: December 27
Degree: B.A. Business Administration from the University of South Carolina
Collegiate Societies: Phi Mu, Greek Programming Board, Recruitment Counselor
Interests: singing, laughing, and having engaging conversations with all different kinds of people!
Book: Redeeming Love
Testimony: I grew up in the church my entire life, and was never really bothered by it nor excited about it. By the end of high school, I didn’t see my need for a personal relationship with God, so I found value in my talents and the way others viewed me. Coming to USC, I joined Phi Mu (my sorority) and was surrounded by a group of women who loved Christ. I saw a joy in them that I did not have, and was intrigued by it! After a period of time where God was pursuing me as I ran away from Him, He led me to truly understand the Gospel. I saw that I am far more sinful than I had ever realized, but that Christ loves me so much more than I had ever believed. He loved me so much he would live for me, die for me, and be raised that I might become a child of God. Since October of my freshman year, the Lord has carried me along the way in learning how to know him deeply and help others do the same. Campus Outreach played a huge part in helping me grow in learning how to walk with God day by day, and how to share my faith with those who don’t know Him. Today, I am on staff at my very alma mater, excited to continue to share the love of Christ with USC’s campus.

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