During the past two summers I’ve spent at SLP, I’ve learned what it means to lead others in a way that glorifies God. One form of leadership I learned was how to be a laborer for Christ, so that I may be a guide for others in investigating the gospel. The best leaders are those who have learned to follow Jesus Christ in all they do.
Katie Orr
Marketing and Management

At the SLP I learned that a leader sees the need for service and humility. They understand that most of their work will be behind the scenes and may go unnoticed. Their work is to benefit their disciples, community and then, themselves.
Austin Turner
Mechanical Engineering 

What I learned most about leadership from SLP was how to lead by serving out of humility. I’ve had other leadership positions on campus and was surprised to learn that leading Biblically is opposite of how the world tells us to lead. I’d learned from my other experiences that leading is all about your performance, but that is really not what God says at all about leadership. The greatest leaders in the Bible served with little recognition from man and had their eyes fixed toward heaven. This is how God wants us to love and lead others – out of humility while pursuing Him.
Charlotte Hendricks
International Business and Accounting


Do you want to be a leader on your campus, in the community, and in the world? Invest your summer in learning what it means to be a leader and how to have a lasting impact.

You will receive personal attention from staff & student leaders to help you deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ through discipleship groups & project-wide meetings. These opportunities are designed to help you learn how to study the Bible better, memorize God’s word, pray, share the gospel, manage your life & build Christ-like character.

At weekly meetings & evangelism training times, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to effectively share the gospel. You’ll also get a chance to apply what you learn with people on & around the beaches & work place. As you attend a local church, you will be able to minister there as well.

During the weekdays you’ll either work a full- time job or volunteer 30 hours a week for a local charity. Working will help you build relationships in order to share your faith, give you work experience & provide finances for LP. Volunteering will also give you an opportunity to grow in compassion for the needy & under-privileged as well as a chance to share Christ with those you work with. All students are required to work or volunteer full time as part of the LP.